Another company has merged with Opels Unlimited.  A long standing German company located in Germany, owned by Klaus Priewe.  The company has been dealing with Opels Unlimited for over 10 years now.  The name is California Youngtimer Import, they were responsible for getting the only Gullwing GT into the United States.  CYI and Opels Unlimited are now exclusive importers from across the globe.  Yes folks, there  now is an Opels Unlimited in Germany!!

Both companies will benefit from this huge merger across the globe.  Klausís company has also bought Lumma, the most exclusive body kit and spoiler company in Germany.  CYI and Opels Unlimited are yet buying another 2 companies in Germany.  Future announcements on this will come later.

Klaus will be building 100ís of fiberglass original replacement parts as well as custom spoilers and body kits.

New Breaking News, already in itís way, Opel GT fender rust repair panels, only $98 each.  New in high density, German made top of the line cloth resin.  Also coming now is rear GT corner pieces, also in unrustable fiberglass resin.  Youíve been talking about this and asking about this for years, itís now done, start putting in your orders now to Opels Unlimited.

Opels Unlimited will now be importing 5 speed and 8 speed transmissions at an unbelievable price.

Opels Unlimited will now carry 6 cylinder Opel motors and large amounts of 2.2L and 2.4L motors as well.  A 20í container is being filled now and even yet another Gullwing GT is coming to America.  Yes folks, you heard right, CYI and Opels Unlimited does it again!

For over 10 years plus, everyone has wanted to be linked to Opels Unlimited, either for business or computer websites as well. Until now, Opels Unlimited has been the largest Opel company in the world now for some 5 years plus and can finally no longer worry about a merger of this size.
Between the 2 companies, Opels Unlimited and CYI-Priewe, your Opel is assured of a wonderful, positive 20 year plus future.  As of now, you can contact Opels Unlimited for any European wants or needs.

We have already imported over $5000 worth of keychains, model cars, stickers, patches, towels and crazy European lights, lenses, high tech driving lights, etc etc.  Soon coming on Fun Video #15.  If you want it now and are a registered OEC club member, you may request it at any time.

Lots more good news, already available in new high quality fiberglass reproductions, the Corvette L88 style hood, fiberglass GT complete front end, the front spoiler common to America, fan shrouds, GT front belly pans, GT rear spoilers and many more custom fenders and hoods, even the complete Lumma GT Aero package.  Also the wide fender Testarosa package and some 2 or 3 other kits.

Soon our websites will be linked and German speaking and European customers will go to Klaus and all English and American customers will go to Todd. All parts will be sold exclusively through these 2 companies only.

Attention racers and street enthusiasts!  The newly invented Watt linkage, as called in Germany, is now introduced to America, sold exclusively through Opels Unlimited.  This mounts to the rear end of your car to replace the pan hard rod with a triple Heim joint racing linkage, dramatically improving the cars handling abilities.  Also for you speed and race fanatics, you can now get the exclusive CYI front racing stabilizer set-up as well, it keeps your car stable through braking at up to 200 mph.  Klaus Priewe is an absolute genius when it come to racing Opels safely on the Autobahn.


With all this new technology added Opels unlimited is now inventing a new Stage V Prototype.  Yes folks, a crazy new Stage has been added and a whole new entire car will be built centered around the new Gullwing GT.  The Stage V Prototype will include even newer German technology than the Stage IV Prototype.  Stage IV was the 2.0E big valve, unleaded Autobahn motors at 225psi compression per cylinder, backed by the Getrag overdrive 5 speed and big brake, suspension, swaybars and bushing packages.

The Stage V will come with 2.2L Motronic injection, big clutch, big valves, special exhaust, 8 speed overdrive and will be available soon in quantity, with the shipment of the next container.

Opels Unlimited is ahead some $20,000 Marcs already and the first deals from the 2 companies are moving some 20,000. Marcs each way. They often moved over $10,000 at a time, each way, in the past before becoming exclusives, now you can just imagine one of the biggest, most exciting companies in Germany teaming up with the big, solid, traditional Opels Unlimited.

Fun Video #12 is out officially and available to all OEC members, It is an RSVP item, as a current standing member, you are entitled to it and must simply ask for it.  The club decided it canít possibly just send it out randomly this time as the OEC membership has grown well beyond 1400 members.

With all this new good news thereís no excuse left as to why your Opel isnít the best in all the world.

Until next time,
take care, and Happy Opeling!!

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