! ! Video #13 - The Tech Video ! !

Todd goes to the big "Imports at Carlisle" meet in Carlisle, PA

He works on over 20 cars for free and gives you about 100 tech tips. With his over 15 years of daily wrenching under the hoods of tons of Opels, he fixes everything that was brought to him !! As for a bonus he made this video covering all common (and not so common) Opel problems and repairs while doing it.

  • Coil and Fuel Injection Repair - Car was towed in and left in great shape .

  • Tune-up - tech advise, gapping points, caps and other related parts.

  • Todd and Opels Unlimiteds' Set-up and Display of Opel Stuff and parts to show off.

  • Shots of the Opels that showed at the Carlisle Import Show and at Opels Unlimiteds' Spot

  • Headlight repair on a Really Nice GT, The Vega Gasket Syndrome

  • More of the Carlisle Show and Opels Unlimiteds' Booth

  • Timing Chain Rattle noise and quick fix, high tech tensioner

  • Vacuum leaks and Weber tuning, P.C.V. and valve cover hoses, etc.

  • Timing and Power Tuning an Opel, Throttle and linkage adjustment

  • Engine Miss and finding dead cylinders on Opel 1900

  • Classic 1/4" Vacuum leak hidden on 1900 series Opels

  • The Electric Jet Problem, Weber Carb, stuff etc.

  • Compression Check, Valve problem diagnosed - only 20lbs of Compression on #3 - After Valve adjustment shown engine showed 130lbs on that same #3 cylinder.

  • Opel GTs win First and Second Place in class at the "Custom Compact Power Jam" held at the Carlilse Import Show.

  • Motor Mount check out, vibration problems in GT and Kaddett.

    Rebuild of Charles' Mantas Weber, rebuild, choke adjustments and Ventrui Repair

  • Tech Tip on Throttle pin and Clutch clip

  • Carb base gaskets, leaks and repairs

  • Opel Meet at the big Pomona Antique Car Show - O.E.C. (Opel Enthuisast Club) promotes Cars and Club for new members.

  • Kennedys' Shop, Jane and Todd visit his convertible GT and check in on a customers car.

    A customer car typically coming in for complete repair, he requested a before and after video and we thought "Hey! why not?"

    The Video only costs a $12 (Includes the S&H already)

    and will be sent to all OEC members for no charge once we get enough of them printed

    *NEW* T-shirts Available

    Opels Unlimited also Has *NEW* T-shirts available in a multitude of colors ( Red, Blue, Purple, Green, Pink. Yellow, Gray, and Classic Black amongst many other colors! ).
    Production first introduced at the Carlisle meet and we sold out of a three foot stack of them!! But, now you can get them for only $11.95 to your door.

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